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Intuitive Guidance & Counseling


The intuitive guidance and counseling comes from our higher consciousness. It is the infinite consciousness that is beyond pain, suffering and separation. It is heart centered guidance that is practical and helpful in our worldly existence. The loving spirits give simple and straight forward counseling on specific issues. Spirit illuminates what might be hidden so that you see clearly, which enable you to make better life decisions and to live more heart centered and authentically.

I begin by connecting with Spirit, and giving a general reading and practical suggestions based on the information that is coming through. I then provide plenty of opportunity for the client to ask questions on specific issues they are dealing with.

The intuitive guidance and counseling sessions are Spirit guided, loving, practical and healing.


Contact me with any questions or concerns.

Disclaimer: Energy Healing, including Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, is not a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. Energy Healers are not trained in diagnosis. If you are concerned about your symptoms, you should seek traditional medical treatment or the advice of a relevant medical professional. Energy Healing can be a compliment to your medical care.

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