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Guidance, Counseling & Coaching


Guidance, Counseling & Coaching

Assisting you on your path to health & wholeness, and awakening to your full Divine potential. A session can be a one time appointment for clarity on an issue, or on going coaching for deeper, transformative goals.


Transformation on every level is possible. My own path has shown me that deep and profound transformation is possible, even healing the physical body is possible. My personal healing and spiritual journey has lead me to offer guidance and coaching to those seeking a path to expand consciousness, transform or heal any aspect of their life, and to awaken to their highest truth, and to live and create from that place.


“The change of consciousness will be the chief factor, the initial movement,
the physical modification will be the subordinate factor, a consequence.”

~Sri Aurobindo


Transformation is a principle of life. All creation is in a constant process of transformation. The All is in a relationship with The All, from the invisible to the visible, from the un-manifested to the manifested, from spirit to matter. Consciousness is pure and unchanging, with no beginning and no end. Energy is movement of consciousness, the creative force of the universe. It is what gives life force to all creation. It is what connects the All.

You are that creative force. It is your essence. The same creative energy that governs the entire Universe governs the Earth. The same creative energy that governs the Earth governs all life on Earth. The same creative force that governs all life on Earth governs your life force.

To truly transform from one state of being to another, one only needs to make the decision to transform, and to connect with the creative life force of the Universe to facilitate that transformation.

Yeah right!!! As we all well know, it is not an easy task. In fact, as my own journey has shown me, it’s a monumental and seemingly impossible task. The endless obstacles of our minds, and our deep-rooted conditioning seem endless.

We carry the memory of our ancestors, our own souls journey, and from our current life experiences. We carry the collective consciousness, our cultural beliefs and our familial beliefs and conditioning. Our conditioning affects every aspect of out lives, including physical and mental health, the relationship we have with ourselves and others, our emotions, our relationship to money and earning, to name a few. Our conditioning is the chief factor for the patterns in our lives, healthy and unhealthy.


The impossible becomes possible when we align ourselves with the Universal Life Force.


How to begin?

The guidance and the coaching is a partnership between you, me Spirit. We are in partnership with the Universe to transform, heal and awaken. Once the decision to shift is made, we begin to heal the wounds and the story you carry, and to create a path to healing and transformation tailored to your needs and your lifestyle.


All healing begins with a decision from the essence of your being:
“I am done!”
“I am done with this illness.”
“I am done with this unhealthy pattern.”
“I am done with being stuck.”
“I am done with the belief that I am a limited and separate being.”
“I am done!”


This simple approach to transformation can be beneficial for those dealing with: Physical or emotional health issues, addictions, unhealthy relationship patterns, or other harmful patterns. Can benefit those seeking to create a new, more expanded life. Can also benefit those beginning a conscious spiritual journey, or needs a little guidance on their current spiritual path. It can benefit anyone who is being called to awaken to a higher state of consciousness for the greater good of all beings.


Everything you need to heal, transform and awaken is within you.
The healing work clears the way.
The intuitive guidance and coaching leads you along a path to freedom.


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Disclaimer: Energy Healing, including Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, is not a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. Energy Healers are not trained in diagnosis. If you are concerned about your symptoms, you should seek traditional medical treatment or the advice of a relevant medical professional. Energy Healing can be a compliment to your medical care.

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