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Chris Eagle

Sedona, AZ.

Chris Eagle was born in Los Angeles, California in 1964. As a child he had a strong connection to Spirit, and had many questions about life, God, and our purpose here in this reality. He began experimenting and playing with energy at a young age. At eighteen years, Chris joined a local meditation and healing group. It was there he began using energy with the intention to bring healing.

His young adult life proved to be challenging. Chris was confronted with addiction, physical illness and spiritual disconnection. Around the age of 30 he was guided back to the healers path, and began developing his intuitive gifts. Teachers started appearing in his life, both in spirit and in the physical. These early teachers and medicine people opened Chris up to the old ways, the Indigenous Ways of “healing” and “seeing”. They reminded him of our connection to Mother Earth, the spirits of the elements, and to the infinite possibilities that is within all creation.

Chris studied many different types of healing modalities, including Massage Therapy, Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Karuna Reiki and others. He began a holistic healing practice in his hometown, Los Angeles, but felt a name was needed to bring it all together. The name Eagle Touch came to him during a meditation. Under the name Eagle Touch, Chris offers Healing, Intuitive Guidance and Counseling, Classes and Workshops. He also mentors those called to the healer’s path.

San Marco La Laguna, Guatemala.

Chris’ biggest teacher to the possibilities for healing has been his personal story with illness. He was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in his mid 20s. His inner guidance was telling him there is a different way than traditional doctors to healing his physical body. He commited himself to a path of true healing. He sold all his belongings and he set off traveling for five years. His healing journey took him from Guatemala to India. “When you set off on a path to true healing, you discover YOURSELF.” Chris experienced many miracles, including profound physical healing, and deep healing of the mind and soul. Today Chris’ body is free from those diagnosis.

While in Guatemala he worked with plant medicines, and learned the ways of ceremony. He learned the Mayan spirits are tough but generous. He learned to “listen” to the nature spirits during his time in the mountains and Lake Atitlan.

He was introduced to using sounds in his healing work. He discovered sound is a powerful tool to balance and clear energy, and align the body’s energy field with the energy of the natural world. Today he continues to incorporate sacred sound into his private sessions. While living in San Marcos La Laguna, Atitlan, a small group of  friends created a spiritual collective, Musica Medicina. Musica Medicina is still active today in India, Europe and America.

Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi, India.

After Guatemala, Chris journeyed to India. India embraced him, taught him, and took care of him like a mother. His teachers were the Himalayas, the Ganga Ma river, the temples, the energy of Shiva in Varanasi, the spiritual wisdom of the people, and the ancient cities. A friend introduced him to Zorba The Buddha, a spiritual center in New Delhi, where Chris offers workshops and private sessions when in India.

Today, Chris travels between the US, Latin America and India, teaching, offering workshops, private healing sessions and spiritual counseling.

He strongly believes it is time for all to wake up. “Every one of us has a responsibility to use his or her gifts to assist in the healing of our planet. If we all shift our focus to reconnecting to Mother Earth, to the plants and animals, and remember our true nature of oneness, we can make the shift needed to restore balance to the natural world.”

“The task is seemingly impossible, but when we align ourselves with Spirit, the impossible becomes possible. It is time to let go of the illusion of separation, and open our hearts to our true nature. When we do this we will transcend our need to cause harm to the planet and each other, and awaken to the Infinite.”

Pushkar Sarovar, Rajasthan, India.

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