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“A Journey of Love for Mother Earth and the Sacred Rivers!”

How Cool is this!! Native American elders traveling to India for the Kumbha Mela, India’s largest spiritual gathering. They will join with India’s spiritual leaders on behave of the Earth and the sacred rivers. The native American elders will perform a Kiva ceremony, prayers to honor the earth and to raise humanity’s consciousness. I had a dream years ago. In the dream, the earth was one land and one tribe. There was a event where the land was broken…

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Usui Reiki in Arga, India

  Usui Reiki has been instrumental in my healing journey, but the gifts have gone beyond healing. I was recently invited to share the Usui Reiki tradition to a community of artists in the ancient city of Agra. I had the honor be with these magical beings for 6 days. It was quite mystical to witness these poets, painters, musicians, writers, and spiritual seekers connect with the Reiki energy. They reminded me that there is beauty in healing.  …

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