Eagle Touch offers Healing • Reiki • Intuitive Guidance & Counseling • Classes & Workshops

Chris SchweskaWelcome to Eagle Touch

My name is Chris Eagle. Eagle Touch was born out of my desire to be of service to my brothers and sisters, Mother Earth, and all creatures. To help return us to a place where we recognize and honor our God-self in every part of creation. Eagle Touch is constantly expanding and evolving, but its core mission is to provide a healing path for individuals, to help relieve pain and suffering in all forms and provide a path back to Our Infinite Self. Eagle Touch offers Healing, Intuitive Guidance & Counseling, Classes & Workshops to help you on your personal journey of self-discovery. Knowing our truth clears the way to Pure Consciousness. As we awaken to our Infinite Self we raise the vibration of those around us and the vibration of the planet, which is so crucial at this time of great change.